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Is Herbalife a food or a supplement? : What are the products Herbalife?

Who not heard of the Herbalife products?, they are recognized worldwide and are promoted as natural products that help you lose weight naturally. But What are actually the products Herbalife?, food or it is a supplement? The Herbalife company has developed different types of slimming products: concentrated antioxidants, protein shakes, fiber, products increase cellular metabolism, etc. They all act in various ways on the body allowing lose weight.
But in reality What are the products Herbalife? Can we say they are an food or a supplement?
In reality, the Herbalife products are categorized as dietary supplements, because they contain nutrients and isolated active ingredients (proteins, amino acids, fiber, mucilage, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, etc) that have a slimming action on the organism.
Then we can say that Herbalife products are food? No, because food contains one nutrient or nutritive principle in a natural way to to be ingested it puts an effect on the organism. While the difference may be subtle, it is very important, as in the case of food supplements nutrients are isolated in artificially and then combine to cause a slimming effect. Instead food comes directly from nature.
The clarification on whether the Herbalife products are foods or dietary supplements, is also valid for other similar products available on the market. In addition, it is important to present that despite being products with natural substances can cause side effects or contraindications in health.

Are Herbalife products food or medications? : Why the Herbalife shakes may be contraindicated?

Submitted by Mauritius
Hello Mauritius: in reality there is confusion in the different concepts. Herbalife products cannot be food or medicines themselves. In reality this type of products are considered dietary supplements that contain nutritional principles isolated (amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, mucilage, vitamins, minerals, etc.) in a laboratory for a slimming effect.
While the Herbalife protein shakes can replace a meal, it is not a proper meal, that only they can replace her for a limited time, this must to that it could produce some sort of food-deficit. On the other hand, the Herbalife products cannot be considered drugs because, according to the company that sells these products, they do not contain synthetic active substances or drugs.
In conclusion is that the Herbalife products are food supplements or drugs, or food. It is very important to keep in mind while the Herbalife products may be considered natural, they can have side effects that can damage the health. According to various scientific studies the consumption of Herbalife products have caused liver problems in some people.
I hope you have been useful.
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Herbalife and pregnancy products: Herbalife can be taken during pregnancy?

About Herbalife tablets
Hi I have 20 years and I am taking tablets Herbalife, a few days ago I learned that I am embarazada… this would cause problems for my pregnancy??
Posted by Noelia
Hi Noelia: I do not know exactly that type of tablets were taken before getting pregnant, because there are various Herbalife products with these features, but I can tell you that there are some specific weight loss. These even though they are shaped by natural principles, is interesting to know whether they may or may not eat in special situations such as pregnancy.
According to the information provided by Herbalife different types of slimming tablets, one of them is based on fiber, a fiber and vitamins, and the remaining based on fiber and natural substances that increase fat burning green tea, cinnamon, mate, liquorice root, etc. In all cases it is not advisable to consume these products during pregnancy.
This recommendation is based on these products can elevate blood pressure (due to the caffeine content), producing cramps and reduce the absorption of nutrients essential for the nutrition of the embryo (the fiber containing). If this product has stopped it consumed immediately after find out you are pregnant, should not cause you health problems both to tí and the baby.
Similarly, it is recommended that you consult your obstetrician to respond each and every one of your concerns.
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Herbalife and breastfeeding products: Herbalife products can I take during breastfeeding?

Very good evening friends my name is Nexy sources. I would like to take the Herbalife products for weight loss but there is a problem, I have a 2 year old girl I breastfed. It will be if I the volume will make damage. I hope your answer… Thank you.!!!
Submitted by Nexy sources
Hello Nexy: Herbalife weight management products are shaped by natural elements. Therefore is very good your question about whether it may or not make these products during a special stage as nursing.
In supplements to lose weight more known in the world can mention to the Herbalife products. These consist, according to the information provided by the company, with natural products; which enable its use in any circumstance. But it is not as well.
If you are breastfeeding it is not advisable to eat Herbalife products, nor any other food supplement, because this type of supplements are purging (allowing at times, not only the loss of toxins, but also of certain minerals and vitamins). On the other hand provide satiety, which reduces the appetite of the mother and therefore do not eat everything what they should eat (don’t forget that intake in the diet during breastfeeding the amo 
unt is increased), so it may be affected the nutritional and caloric intake of the baby.
In this specific case I would suggest that you consult your doctor and pediatrician for your child before consuming Herbalife products.
Remember that these data are informative and does not replace medical consultation.
I hope you have been useful.
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Inverse of the Herbalife weight loss Smoothies: why engordé to consume the Herbalife shakes

Hello, I’m with Herbalife more than one month ago and I have not lost weight on the contrary I uploaded 2 kilos, and what I do is to replace two daily meals a day and a normal also conducted exercises and do not know I need to give me guidance. Thank you
Submitted by Claudia
Hello Claudia: the Herbalife shakes are advertised products to lose weight. These can cause adverse effects on health. It is therefore important to establish if this product has an inverse effect that can fatten you rather than helping you lose weight.
Herbalife shakes are products designed to replace one or more main meals. Supposedly include nutrients that would replace the active ingredients of the food, but with the advantage of mobilized fatty tissue and help you lose weight.
One of the known adverse effects of the products Herbalife is directly related to the rebound effect. Many people who have left to consume such beaten have recovered the lost kilos and more. But in this case, you happens to you still taking these milkshakes.
Obviously, these products have generated in you a metabolic changeor fluid retention that has caused this increase in weight, because these milkshakes are beverages with a high percentage of proteins and can cause a kidney imbalance.
The best suggestion is sure to take this type of product and that you concurras to your doctor to find the cause real by which to fatten you and got the opposite effect.
Do not forget! The doctor called.
I hope you have been useful.
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  What contraindications have beaten herbalife slimming? : 

What is effect rebound losing weight with protein shakes?

Diet shakes (herbalife)
Hello: I have 3 children and 36 years and 10 kilos overweight I am taking the beaten herbalife + protein custom as a substitute for breakfast and dinner, is correct, contraindications has and if so I take what I will gain weight?.Thanks for the reply.
  Submitted by marlene
Hello Marlene: the beaten herbalife as substitute for food, is a product based on soy protein, which provides the body protein of high quality and unsaturated fats, also contains whey, which is easy to digest, and strengthen muscles. It also provides fiber, pectin, vitamin E, all substances with properties to lose weight effectively and healthy.
The beaten herbalife is contraindicated in patients with kidney problems, diabetes, or allergy to soy protein or any of its components.
This ten while the protein shakes are a useful tool to replace a meal, you need to “learn” to choose suitable food to perform a menu low in calories. To carry it out you can implement a number of strategies.An easy-to-perform recommendation is that meals are prepared in the most natural way without too much elaboration.
The ideal cooking methods are the Grill and Grill.In the accompanying dishes, fresh vegetables or cooked seasoned with olive oil, sunflower, maize or grape must be.Desserts should be from fruit and avoid creams and desserts very elborados.Please also note the portion which must be small and medium-sized.
Bearing in mind these Tips, you forget to take the protein shake, you will find yourself in a position to forward a diet of maintenance, enabling you to not gain weight.
I hope you have been useful.
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 Protein diet shake: marks of protein shakes slimming
Batidos de proteínas caserosIf you want to lose weight there are dietary supplements from diets protein shakes, which can help you replace a main meal and make sense of satiety with few calories. Know the characteristics of the main brands of protein slimming shakes, existing in the market, if you need to use them to lose weight.
There are different in the market shakes of proteins for diets, dietary supplements have certain characteristics.
  • Complement the dietary treatments.
  • Replaces a main meal.
  • They are easy to prepare.
  • They are prepared reduced in calories.
  • They are rich in protein drinks.
Main brands of protein shakes slimming
Drink Herbalife – Shape Works
  • This protein drink is made from high quality 9 grams of soy protein.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Comes in different flavors such as: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cappuccino, cookie & cream.
Envelopes Herbalife to prepare substitute beverage
  • Each of these packs allows you to prepare a milkshake protein to supplement a main meal.
  • They are easy to prepare.
  • These envelopes come in different flavors.
  • Each envelope is added to a cup (250 ml) skim milk.
  • Mainly contain proteins, carbohydrates, are low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals.
Slim Fast Chocolate 425 g CNG
  • Each portion size is 1 tablespoon containing 123 calories.
  • Slim Fast Chocolate contains mainly proteins, carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and essential minerals, likewise contains fiber that helps to assimilate certain nutrients.
  • It is easy to digest, is absorbed quickly.
Spiru-cannot soy protein Powder 544 g CNG
  • Portion of half tablespoon (17 grams): calories per serving 215.
  • This formula contains 18 different amino acids, vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight, but without losing essential nutrients.
  • The proteins are absorbed quickly.
  • Contains Spirulina which helps to detoxify the body and weight loss.
  • Gives feeling of satiety.
  • Stimulates the intestinal peristalsis.
  • Thanks to its inositol and choline compounds easier removal of fat from the body.
These are some shakes of proteins, that can help you supplement a diet to lose weight and to supplement a main meal.
Remember to consult your doctor with any questions.

Are Herbalife products gluten-free? : I Herbalife take if I am a coeliac?

Herbalife is gluten free
I would like to take Herbalife, but recently I was diagnosed I’m coeliac or I no tolero gluten. I eat only gluten free products. Herbalife is gluten free?
Posted by Telma
Hello Telma: is a very good question that you do, that many people who are celíacas or have some kind of intolerance to food not taken into account such matters when it comes to weight loss. If you are interested the products Herbalife is important to verify whether these are or not gluten-free.
A celiac person can not consume foods that contain wheat, oats, barley and rye (TACC), that is why it is necessary to read the labelling of foods and dietary supplements such as e.g. Herbalife, to verify if it contains or not of these foods.
According to the nutritional information of various products for weight loss, shakes and low calorie bars, these do not contain substances derived from TACC, that are used as a main component of vegetable soybeans. Similarly, it is necessary to be cautious and consult a doctor before the possibility that some of these components are included in some type of thickener and stabilizer of mixture.
If you’re interested you can check in the Celiac Sprue Association in your country, which will guide you about the products and trademarks gluten free. Also if you need to lose weight, you can do with a balanced diet and develop your own milkshakes free of gluten which can replace a main meal.
I hope I helped.
A greeting.

How to take the tea of Guarana Herbalife: when consuming tea Guarana Herbalife

you of guarana
Hello, I am Mario El Salvador. From this day I will take Guarana Herbalife tea and want to know if it is better to drink it hot or cold, or if before each meal or after time.
Sent by mario machuca
Hello Mario! First of all, thank you for your query. Guarana tea that sells Herbalife is neither more nor less than a mixture of this fruit of Brazilian origin with orange pekoe tea (a variety of black tea). It is a nutritional supplement that serves to provide energy to consume, more stimulating already properties alone have the Guarana.
According to the own recommendations of the company that produces Guarana tea, consumed half teaspoon in 6 ounces of water in two shots a day: one by mid-morning and a half later.
Remember that Guarana weight loss can offer you an increase in your digestive metabolism and diuresis. Likewise, you should also take into account that you have certain contraindications: If you are hypertensive, you suffer from insomnia, nervousness, and other issues that may be affected by caffeine, it is better to refrain from its consumption.
I have responded to your query.

Adverse effects of the products Herbalife: Herbalife products sodium content

The herbalife product inquiry
I am taking the Herbalife shake I have more than one year by consuming it but lately I am having kidney problems. Say me that it is because the chocolate milkshake has much sodium to my had helped me a lot with my digestive problems. My question is if I am exceeding sodium with the shake and other products of the line consumption
Posted by janet
Hi Janet: Herbalife products are nutritional supplements that can help you reduce weight somewhat faster. As every product may have certain adverse effects which may affect the health, and this may be product of certain components. This is interesting, depending on your query, know if the Herbalife products contain no sodium.
Herbalife shakes are natural products that help you lose weight by different mechanisms, either increasing the satiety or burning fat. According to information provided by the company Hebalife, smoothies do not possess sodium but if they are high in protein, which increases the chances of suffering from kidney problems, especially if you eat them for a long time.
The excessive protein consumption for a long time can cause problems in the kidneys and this can generate high blood pressure, and kidney regulates the exchange of water and minerals. This type of milkshakes are contraindicated in patients with any type of kidney disease.
Similarly is medical issue to determine the cause of the kidney problem that affects you, and should you report to your doctor you are consuming Herbalife products to discard or no influence on your health.
I hope you have been useful.
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